Sustainable Development seems to be the hottest and yet pervasive environmental buzzword bouncing around the corridors of international aid agencies.

Sustain & Able have devised models and strategies with its partners that ensure the conflicts and contradictions surrounding the relationships, concepts, connections and processes between economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection remain dynamic in order to cater for intra/intergenerational needs.



At Sustain & Able our outlook and vision is driven by our desire to provide solutions for the following global challenges:

The current global economic drive is failing to deliver the prospect of ‘a better life’ for most of the worlds’ inhabitants as it continues to foster one-sided progress. Sustain & Able have developed sustainable initiatives that support the micro-entrepreneur in fulfilling their business objective while at the same time improving their social mobility.


Sustain & Able have dispelled with the myth that the solution to feeding the worlds’ poor is to somehow curb the world population. Instead Sustain & Able provide models that focus on increasing levels of income that represent equitable income distribution, that will eventually give rise to equal opportunities. Sustain & Able have also been instrumental in providing pioneering methods of growing food products through precision farming and vertical warehouse farming.


Sustain & Able have been at the forefront of improving awareness about health issues recognising disease can lead to poverty. We have worked with a number of charities in Africa setting up food programs that try and manage malnutrition which is one of the most common reasons for ill health among children in the developing world.


Academics have stated that the best way to sustain a productive life is to focus on human development. Sustain & Able share this vision and realise the best starting points begins with sound primary and secondary education. Sustain & Able has teamed up with Publishive to develop an application that allows individuals improve their creative writing skills from a young age.


Sustain & Able have recognised the clear link between gender equality and Sustainable Development. With this in mind Sustain & Able have mobilised a number of sustainable initiatives with its partners that pave the way for better employment and empowerment of women in the developing world.


Sustain & Able provide consultancy services for companies who want to develop responsible management strategies that genuinely foster cooperation and cohesion between company and community.


We are all climate change refugees with a variety of perspectives and objective. Sustain & Able have been involved in providing alternative energy solutions (solar, wind, fuel cell) in the Middle East, South Asia and most recently West Africa. The main focus is to reduce global emissions by softening the dependency on fossil fuels as many believe this to be the main protagonist in the climate change debate.


Sustain & Able provide safety-critical advice for a number of clients in the UK rail industry. These clients include Network Rail, Vinci PLC, Balfour Beatty, Amey, Siemens and Carillion. Our staff use project management applications like Oracle Primivera P6 and Microsoft Projects to ensure project deliverables are correctly scheduled and completed efficiently without unnecessary delays.


Sustain & Able in collaboration with Tag Team Group have developed a sustainable crowd management application that is being tested in the Middle East. The system provides security critical crowd monitoring capabilities that assist governments and ministries in maintaining high levels of safety and security.



As part of fulfilling its mission and corporate objective, Sustain & Able have conducted extensive academic research in conjunction with the University of Hertfordshire. This research focuses on different aspects of measuring wellbeing in terms of economic growth, conflict and war, challenges of malnutrition in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southern Asia, sustainable business models, the relationship between poverty and the environment, climate change, good governance, globalisation and its effect on Sustainable Development.


Our most recent study demonstrates how religion can be used as a decisive tool in creating synergies between governments and societies to ensure hegemonic dominance the of a selected few is eradicated.



Sustainable investing is one of the fastest growing segments of the asset management industry. Sustain & Able recognise that non-financial variables like environment, social and governance (ESG) are an important factor when making investment decisions. ESG data spans a range of issues, including measures of company carbon emissions, labour and human rights policies, and corporate governance structures.

Sustain & Able understand that the provision of insightful ESG analytics not only delivers strategic value to a company but also attracts and retains long term investors, indicating effective ESG reporting is the new emerging standard for 21st century companies.

At Sustain & Able We:

  • Explain our approach to ESG Management and describe how it can add value to the client

  • Report on material ESG issue relevant to your organisation and highlight value-adding opportunities

  • Provide data that is complete, consistent, reliable, comparable and clear

  • Use standardised frameworks such as GRI, UNPRI, CDP and DJSI

  • Understand what the key issues are for investors and stakeholders therefore allowing us to determine how best to provide relevant data



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