Sustainable Development seems to be the hottest and yet pervasive environmental buzzword bouncing around the corridors of international aid agencies.

Sustain & Able have devised models and strategies with its partners that ensure the conflicts and contradictions surrounding the relationships, concepts, connections and processes between economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection remain dynamic in order to cater for intra/intergenerational needs.


As part of our responsibility to humanity, we continue to provide humanitarian support to as many areas as our business takes us.  Having a dedicated CSR champion has enabled Sustain & Able to develop relationships and enter into partnerships with those organisations that share our vision.

Our ‘SustainCare’ initiative has provided humanitarian support not just in Nigeria, where we predominately operate, but also in Niger, Chad, Mali, Togo, Rep. of Benin, Sierra Leone, Liberia, DRC, Gambia, Zanzibar, Brazil, and Argentina.




At Sustain & Able our outlook and vision is driven by our desire to provide solutions for the following global challenges:

Sustain & Able works with financial partners to fund installations of renewable energy generation systems – Wind, Solar, Biomass, Hydro, Geothermal.

Renewable energy is generated which powers homes, businesses, government facilities or is connected to the existing utility grid which are connected to Sustain & Able Smart Meters


The financing systems for new power projects are as unwieldy, inflexible and inefficient as the physical systems. We are designing an end-to-end solution for energy finance, generation, payment, and revenue recognition that will empower approximately 1.2 billion people who still lack electricity access, and grow their economies.


Designed to bring the global energy consumption process into the 21st century. The company’s innovative platform will change the way that developing nations pay for and consume power by introducing a blockchain-based pre-paid energy model that is accessible via a mobile device. Using Smart Contracts, smart-meters, and a token-based, stake-weighted marketplace, we disrupt and reconfigure the current energy funding/consumption paradigm.


Greater Electrification in Emerging Markets

With our technology and renewable energy infrastructure the emerging markets can now have access to clean, reliable energy. This access to energy will help to advance societies and boost economies, giving the communities the tools they need to thrive.


Sustain & Able have recognised the clear link between gender equality and Sustainable Development. With this in mind Sustain & Able have mobilised a number of sustainable initiatives with its partners that pave the way for better employment and empowerment of women in the developing world.

In Buenos Aires, Argentina

2 MW • Phase 1 • Commissioned Oct 2017 • 513KW, Grid Tied • Installation 8 weeks




As part of fulfilling its mission and corporate objective, Sustain & Able have conducted extensive academic research in conjunction with the University of Hertfordshire. This research focuses on different aspects of measuring wellbeing in terms of economic growth, conflict and war, challenges of malnutrition in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southern Asia, sustainable business models, the relationship between poverty and the environment, climate change, good governance, globalisation and its effect on Sustainable Development.


Our most recent study demonstrates how religion can be used as a decisive tool in creating synergies between governments and societies to ensure hegemonic dominance the of a selected few is eradicated.




Sustainable investing is one of the fastest growing segments of the asset management industry. Sustain & Able recognise that non-financial variables like environment, social and governance (ESG) are an important factor when making investment decisions. ESG data spans a range of issues, including measures of company carbon emissions, labour and human rights policies, and corporate governance structures.

Sustain & Able understand that the provision of insightful ESG analytics not only delivers strategic value to a company but also attracts and retains long term investors, indicating effective ESG reporting is the new emerging standard for 21st century companies.

At Sustain & Able We:

  • Explain our approach to ESG Management and describe how it can add value to the client

  • Report on material ESG issue relevant to your organisation and highlight value-adding opportunities

  • Provide data that is complete, consistent, reliable, comparable and clear

  • Use standardised frameworks such as GRI, UNPRI, CDP and DJSI

  • Understand what the key issues are for investors and stakeholders therefore allowing us to determine how best to provide relevant data



Holding a PhD in Sustainable Development from University of Hertfordshire, Suleiman is a very keen advocate of the sustainability agenda. He has spent the last 10 years providing renewable energy solutions around the developing world. His vision is to drive the surge in energy generation through renewable sources in African to a level that sees rural communities gain increased access to electricity, thereby allowing these communities to contribute to their country’s economic development.

Over 20 years’ experience working within the Corporate Social Responsibility domain. Haifa ensures that our business operations are conducted with responsible management practices and are integrated into the social and environmental concerns of the communities Sustain & Able are privileged to operate in, having a dedicated asset to head our responsible management deliverables ensures our humanitarian commitments and partnerships are maintained and strengthened.

Barrister Felix has 30 years of experience in top-level management law and investment advisory experience in Nigeria. This has enabled Sustain & Able to provide scalable clean energy solutions to the new power industry landscape initiative.

Tola is our in-house consultant and has been part of the advisory team on a number of very high-profile private sector turnkey infrastructural projects in the West African sub-region, which include the development and acquisition of refineries and power plants.

Omar has spent the last 15 years providing waste-to-energy solutions to communities in Northern Nigeria gaining vast experience in the collecting, organizing, and management of waste disposal and recycling facilities.


Email: info@sustainnable.com